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The Umbrella base stand is made of strong, light-weight metal. Stand is simple to setup. Just rotate plate 90 degrees, push into ground with foot, insert umbrella (not included) into stand and tighten knob to secure. The umbrella base stand is perfect for outdoor activities, such as watching outdoor games, going camping, relaxing on the beach and picnics at the park. The umbrellas base stand is inexpensive, light-weight (4 lbs) and compact. It is an excellent alternative to heavy (30 to 90+ lbs), bulky and more expensive umbrella stands. The umbrella base stand can be placed on any dirt, sand, grass, snow or gravel surface. The unique swinging plate provides 360 degree stability around the entire stand. The umbrella base stand will not be blown over or knocked down by the wind, people or other objects, unlike other fold-out stand alternatives. The umbrella base stand stays firmly on the ground until you are ready to pull it out with ease. The umbrellas stand comes with spike guards and a simple to understand instructions sheet. You have a choice of two sizes for umbrellas with pole sizes from 1-1/4″ (Small) up to 1-1/2″ (Large) diameter wide. The Umbrella Stand 2 is also available, which has no spikes, so that it an be place on the ground with ease.

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